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Thursday, April 12, 2012

C'mon! My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation by Christopher Long

  * Nonfiction*

   Christopher Long was from a middle class, church going family. He didn't start out with a widespread knowledge of rock and roll, but he made up for that quickly.  Trying to enjoy rock music and being the son your parents want can be a challenge.  Chris did a terrific job of  it. He made things happen in his life.  His introduction to heavy rock came slowly and with some mistakes.  Learning about the rock lifestyle the hard way, Chris didn't partake of all things rock and roll. He was an extremely responsible man while still rockin with his group. Chris was fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the greats of heavy metal and rock.  He learned from them and applied it to his own group, Dead Serios.  Determination and drive took him on a wild and sometimes scary journey through the music  business and brought him right back to his roots. Realizing he'd allowed Jesus to get too far from his life and heart, he began a journey into himself and his relationship with Jesus.  An ongoing journey!

   WOW! This book is a lighthearted, fun, honest account of the life of rocker.  Christopher Long shares amazing stories of his life and heartache over the years.  I found it refreshing to see someone be so honest about themselves and their exploits.  It doesn't happen often enough. You will connect with Chris throughout this book and feel as though you were right there by his side for the entire event.  I certainly did!  Also his message of beginning or renewing your relationship with Jesus is inspiring!  You'll enjoy this book on so many levels.

    I didn't find any issues. Chris covered it all.

    I gave this one a 5 out of 5 books because he could have been my neighbor, my brother's friend or a relative. Thanks Chris!

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