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Friday, April 27, 2012

Surrogates by K D Grace


   Dan loves his wife. He also loves Francie, the kitchen gardener.  He can't bring himself to actually physically cheat on his wife, so he finds loopholes in his marriage vows. One such loophole, if he doesn't actually touch Francie and  she doesn't actually touch him, he isn't cheating. At least in his mind.  Dan and Francie have mutual masturbation sessions.  After a time though, it's not enough for Dan, so he approaches a friend. Dan's plan is to have Simon sleep with Francie while he watches. Simple right? Not so much. Simon really likes Francie.  While all this is going on, Dan's wife Bel is having an affair with Ellen, her massage therapist.  Soon though, Dan finds out about Bel and Ellen. He decides to join them as well. Now he has the best of both worlds.  It could come crashing down around him, but he'd worry about that another day.

    This book was a soap opera inside a porn movie inside a soap opera.  Other than the fantastically written sex scenes, this book doesn't have anything of value to offer.  If you are looking for something to spark your night, or day, this will do it. It offers a wide variety of sexual situations.  If you're looking for a good story, keep moving.

   The issues I found were that it seemed to just wrap around and around and yet say nothing.  It should at least have a solid story line before you add the sex scenes. 

    I gave this one 2 out of 5 books because it went nowhere fast.

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