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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Immortal's Eden by Lori Perry

    Since Anastasia was a little girl she was prepared by her father for one job. One job that would forever be her place in the universe. Immortal Slayer.  The training was rough and her father was rougher, but she did as she was told.  The year is 1761 and it's the first time Anastasia meets Michael.  He knows instantly she is his mate, but how to convince of it and give her a choice of freely becoming his for eternity or walking away.  Through many deaths and reincarnations, Michael watches over Ana. He is simply waiting for the time to make her his.  Then, Michael believes he lost Ana for good. A werewolf by the name of Orlando contacts him. He tells Michael he knows where Ana is. Michael will move heaven and earth to find her.  Now to convince her the time is right for their eternity to begin.

     A wonderful journey through the lives of two people destine to be together for all eternity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading from their first meeting and on.  Lori Perry did an exceptional job of capturing Michael's emotions both as a vampire and as someone in love.  I also liked that Ana kept her personality through all her reincarnations. She didn't become this whole other person.  Delightfully written and an easy read, you'll want to have this one handy. I urge you to read it today.

    I didn't find any issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's a wonderful little book. 

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