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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mistress, INC by Niobia Bryant

  Life can change in a heartbeat. It can also make you reevaluate. Jessa Bell was doing just that.  She'd been through the ringer in the last few weeks and it wasn't getting better. Lying in her hospital bed watching the story of how her ex-lover tried to kill her and did kill himself, she realized something had to change.  Right then she asked to speak to the hospital chaplain.  Jessa knew change would be hard, but she was no stranger to facing hard facts. With her friends, ex-friends, shunning her and her neighbors watching her like a side show freak, she knew she'd be tested.  Then, the unthinkable happens. Jessa is pregnant. The father? Her dead ex-lover. He'd killed himself and left her to deal with the fallout of their affair and now a baby?  Jessa's mind went back and forth on whether to have the baby or not. She finally realized she couldn't give up her baby.  Could she change? Would the world allow her to become someone different or would they always paint her with the same brush?

   Mistress, INC is not what you are expecting! It's spiritual message is well placed among the life of one Jessa Logan Bell.  Funny, tough and full of 'aha' moments, you're gonna love this book and will share it with friends.  I enjoyed the way Jessa stumbled and then picked herself back up and kept moving forward. I found humor in the way she chose to reach out when things were at their most awkward.  Well written and in down to earth language, I can't recommend this one enough. If you've ever known someone who was cheated on, or if you have been cheated on, this book will make you cheer at times. Other times the tears will be close. 

   I didn't find any issues.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because Jessa has a fighting spirit we all need.

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