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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrong Way Street by Joshua Merrick

   Jason Callaway has been an Army Ranger for five years. His team is sent on a black ops mission to Lebanon. There's one problem. The President has called the General in charge of Jason's team and told him to abort the mission.   It's too late, the team is almost at their drop zone.  They complete the mission but not before some of the team is shot and Jason messes up his ankle.  What happens next is nothing short of a nightmare for everyone. The government is trying to deny the operation and all but Jason are imprisoned and court martialed. They list Jason as MIA.  After his wife is shot, and he believes killed, by Mideastern men, Jason begins his own private black ops mission.  He endures more than any human should have to in his pursuit of one Yassaud Sharief A'Danni.  He knows this is man behind all of his problems.  Enlisting his friends and strangers, Jason goes all out in his war.  He completes this mission successfully and has some changes to his life in a good way.

    WOW! This book puts you right in the moment. You can almost feel the Rangers tension as they head into this mission.  Joshua Merrick has a way of writing that pulls you in deeper with each page.  I loved this book simply because it's so realistic. It gives you pause though, to think our government would actually do something like this, but I'm sure they do and have.  If you aren't supporting our military before you read this book, you definitely will be when you finish.  It's great to know that nice guys don't finish last. Do yourself a favor, get this book and travel with Jason Callaway as he defends himself, his wife and his team.

   I found nothing wrong with this one. Everything was there.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because the writing style is amazing.


  1. I just started reading it. So far so good!

  2. You know I just realized what a small world it is that we live in! LOL
    Originally Literary Gary sent me to you a couple of months ago and he just reviewed my novel "The Good Dr. Grant" last week on his blog and then last night Joshua Merrick sent me to his website because I was bugging him about when he was going to put out another book and I found the link on his site for your review here and did you know that Joshua is The Good Dr. Grant" in my book trailer? Yep, I put a call out on facebook and he sent me pics! He'll also be in my book trailer for the first book of "Chris' Journey"