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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell

   The hand-fasting was complete. Now the man and woman had only to find each other to complete their destiny.  Storm and her friend Donna have been friends since junior high. They share everything.  With all the murders happening in the area, they are both on guard.  It seems though they should have been more careful of their friends.  Elle, Sybil and Trevor are all related, but Elle and Trevor don't know that right away.  It's not until Elle is raped and her birth mother, Sybil, comes looking for her that she learns the truth.  Unfortunately, Trevor is dating Storm.  Storm believes everything is ok until she starts to look closer at Trevor. Then, she has an encounter on the beach with a man she can't forget. Jarred can't forget Storm either. He's been searching for her since their meeting on the beach. He knows she's the one for him.  To add to the fun, Elle and Sybil are witches. Trevor believes himself to be the Lord of the Underworld.  Does it get sorted out? Read to find out! 

  Mystical, loving and a bit strange, this book weaves through story lines like a snake.  I did find the story thrilling and a true attention getter, however, it does start out a bit confusing.   The story is one of good vs evil. Love vs hate. The writing style is definitely unique.  You'll enjoy this one if you are a fan of fantasy.  I thought it was difficult to dig into at first. There seems to be a rush to get all of the characters in the story and let you know their place.  The basic story is a true love story. 

  I did find issues, those listed above and the fact it didn't make much sense at first. It didn't explain that there were murders happening. It didn't explain why Trevor was so difficult. It was hard to keep all that straight. 

   I gave this one 3 out of 5 books because it took so long for the real story to be told.

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