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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bedding Lord Ned by Sally MacKenzie

  Eleanor Bowman was the vicar's daughter and a bit of a tomboy growing up. She also happened to be in love with Lord Ned from a very early age.  She was thought of, by the Duke and Duchess of Greycliffe, Lord Ned's parents, as a daughter.  Each year she was invited to the annual Valentine's birthday party. You see, the Duchess of Greycliffe's maiden name was Valentine and she, as well as her three sons, were born on Valentine's day.  Eleanor knew of the Duchess' other name in society, the Duchess of Love, and had in fact been one of the many the Duchess tried to match make for.  There had been no luck, but they were both hopeful this year would be the magical year. After all Eleanor was twenty-six now and firmly on the shelf.  With a Duchess whose given name was Venus, a Valentine party, Sir Reginald ( the resident thief)  and Ned now available, this might very well be Eleanor's year to shine.  Oh the path she will have to take though. 

    Witty, wonderful and full of surprises you will want to check out Bedding Lord Ned.  The love story is wrapped in some unusual characters, some rather wacky situations and a whole lot of love.  I finished this book in a matter of hours it's that good!  I love the 'Venus love notes'. They are tidbits of helpful information for the lady trying to find a husband.  You'll laugh. You'll commiserate and you'll cheer.  Sally MacKenzie created a wonderful book everyone can enjoy.  This book is terrific year round.

   I didn't find any issues here.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I was laughing out loud at times.

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